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Include advertising, event planning, content marketing, and market research analysis, via the multi-channel precision marketing of Chinese community in NL and Greater China


Dutchcn is a media platform operated by YaBand Media, providing local news and information to the Sino-Dutch community.Nowadays, Dutchcn is the most influential Chinese media and the most active Chinese online community in the Netherlands. YaBand Media updates news and information on Dutchcn on a daily basis. A wide variety of online and offline events organized by YaBand Media is also displayed on Dutchcn.

The WeChat official account of Dutchcn has more than 150k followers, which is ranked No. 1 on WeChat searching engine in the Netherlands region. Dutchcn App has been ranked first in the Sino-Dutch category in Apple Store and Google Play.

Dutchcn APP

Media Matrix

Dutchcn Website

Currently Dutchcn is the most influential Chinese forum in the Netherlands. The local news and information on our site are comprehensive and up-to-date, enabling Chinese expats to integrate into the Dutch culture more easily.

Total visits in 2017: 6,93 million

Dutchcn App

The first mobile product (App) in the Netherlands which provides information in Chinese. It is based on the content and interaction on the PC site, with a premium design perfectly displayed on a mobile phone. Dutchcn App is the most advanced product providing information to the Sino-Dutch community in the Netherlands. Currently, both Android and iOS versions are available.

Opened by 1,095 million times in 2017

WeChat Official Account

The most influential and comprehensive WeChat official account in the Netherlands. It enables users to familiarize themselves with the Dutch culture and become integrated as fast as possible. It is dedicated to becoming the most dynamic and practical Chinese media in the Netherlands. It is currently ranked No.1 in WeChat searching engines.

Total reads: 9,68 million times in 2017

New Media Matrix

Dutchcn cooperates with popular media platforms in China to build a new media platform matrix and deliver daily premium content to its users. Our cooperators include Tencent, Ali, Baidu, Toutiao, Sohu, NetEase, Fenghuang etc.

Total reads 21,94 million in 2017

Media Platform Matrix

Covering Dutch and Chinese market, social media, community forum and mainstream media platforms

Service Content

Customized advertising

Customized media advertising solutions, including planning and technical/graphic designs.

Event planning

Provide offline and online events planning and marketing for clients.

Content marketing

Provide copywriting for the marketing purpose and precision marketing to the clients.

Data analysis

Provide brand marketing data feedback and analysis report for the clients.