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WeChat official account operation services, including account registration, verification, account optimisation, premium content marketing and customised development

Overseas WeChat Official Account

Yaband Media is WeChat official regional partner in Europe, providing the service of WeChat official account for European enterprises.

Account holder

The European enterprises will be the exclusive holders of the accounts. The rights of the enterprises are fully guaranteed.

Identity verification

Identity verification for the name, brand, country, address, phone number and the business scale of the European company. All the authenticated information will be displayed in account.

International verification

Accept the company registration documents, passports, and ID licensed by all European governments.

Multi-language recognition

Accept English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and other European languages.

Application Process

1. Documents submission

Provide completed information to Yaband Media, including company profile, business qualification licenses, office address, business scope, etc.

2. Qualification evaluation

Yaband Media evaluates the authenticity and integrity of company information following the registration requirements of overseas WeChat official account, and opens the registration channels accordingly.

3. Online registration

The approved enterprises complete the online document submission via the exclusive registration channels offered by Yaband Media.

4. Identity Verification

Enterprises follow the process of identity verification after completing the account registration. The process takes 8-12 working days.

The prestigious European WeChat service operator

Provide one-stop services for overseas WeChat account registration, management, operation, promotion, marketing and customized development.

Facing troubles in self-operation?

Lack of technical support

Chinese new media system which requires high level technical expertise for customization development.

Shortage of experts

Scarcity of experienced WeChat account operators in Dutch market.

High operating costs

Large amount of costs have to be expensed to support the operation of a newly established team.

Long business duration

Takes a long business duration for the enterprise to realize high return on investment.

Advantages of our services?

Cost saving

Lower your operation and maintenance cost, while ensure professional operation services.

Professional team

Senior new media marketing operators in Yaband Media Team, providing comprehensive support services.

Advanced functions

Diverse development technical support, satisfying WeChat shaped needs.

Precision marketing

Marketing strategy customization catering to Sino-Dutch market.

Our Services

Account registration*

Complete application for overseas WeChat Official Account, including verification for your company brand

Platform setup*

Enterprise copywriting, welcome greeting, menu setup and auto-reply configuration


WeChat official account’s logo, costimazed QR-code and layout design

Content operation*

Advertorial editing, layout design, and timly push notification

Translation service

English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Italian inter-translation with Chinese


Customised event planning, H5 interactive promotion page design

Data report

Operation data follow up and providing date analysis report on a regular basis


Creating WeChat web-based mini programme

Customisation and development*

Customising and developing WeChat function according to customers and market needs

Customer service*

Provide better customer support and service to our clients
* information required and shall be provided by the clients