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Seventy-seven Days, which is introduced by Yaband Media, comes to Holland

Life is a journey, and the real adventure is life. the first Chinese adventure movie will be screened in Holland. 77days, starring Zhao Hantang and Jiang Yiyan, was awarded the best movie in Sino-Canada Film Festival in 2017.

The movie "Seventy-seven Days" is based on the authentic stories of exploration writer Yang Ysong-Song 77 days alone through the Qiangtang no man's land. Lost in the life of the self-man hovering in the snow-capped heights of no man's land, the film is still optimistic about life disability, she let him firm to try unmanned eyes of people in the world can not be done Fantasy adventure trip ... ... two very real state of the true character, in good faith, courage to face the fate of choice challenges, tireless pursuit of the original inner dreams and true self ... the film in the rhythm, picture, tension will give The audience's strong visual impact allows the audience to follow the hero through an unparalleled adventure trip.

This movie is introduced by Yaband Media, China Embassy in Netherlands and Filmhuis together, the first screening will be on 27th Oct

To meet the high demand from all Chinese groups in Holland,there will be different Chinese movie screened in Filmhuis once a month in the coming several months.

Release date: 16:00 on 27th Oct, 2018

Cinema: Filmhuis

Address: Spui 191,2511 BN Den Haag

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