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Yaband Media provides the Dutch enterprises and organizations with comprehensive digital marketing solutions, as well as the related promotion services

Yaband Media formed long term strategic cooperation with Batavia Stad

Yaband Media cooperated with Batavia Stad Shopping Outlet on promoting in the Chinese market last year. Within the recent one year, Yaband Media has organized 4 online/offline promotion campaigns for Batavia, which has gained outstanding achievement among the Chinese community.


In July 2016, Yaband Media organized shopping campaign for its users, named “Summer Shopping Spree, Free Exclusive Bus”. We attracted almost 300 users, which has brought good promotion effect for Batavia.

After that, in October 2016, Yaband Media organized “Gloden October” trip for its users. During the campaign, Yaband Media prepared 4 large prizes in cooperation with Batavia. We carried out a drawing game by scanning QR code to win 800-euro voucher. This campaign has attracted nearly 300 participants.

In January 2017, Yaband Media organized free bus tour to Batavia for the celebration of Spring Festival. And we used different games from Golden October to send festival gifts for our participants, which include red wallet, gift box and vouchers. During this campaign, Yaband Media not only brought greetings to Chinese who are not able to go home in the Spring festival, but also brought substantial economic profit for Batavia.

In May 2017, Batavia had 50 new stores settling down there. Yaband Media organized the campaign for the new stores in Batavia. On that day, the number of participants is over 300, covering eight major Dutch cities, which once again has made good advertisement for Batavia among the Chinese community.


In one year, Batavia Stad outlet has received more than 120k times’ exposure. Total participants in the campaigns are over one thousand. At the same time, in June 2017, Yaband Media and Batavia Stad signed long term strategic cooperation and are looking forward to more diversified cooperation modes in the future.